Received the following error in MP Control.log Error :Http test request failed, status code is 500, 'Internal Server Error' Nothing seemed to resolve the issues. Then wanted to re-install the management point but you can’t remove the role. Found an easy way to re-install the management Point. Go to Administration – Server and Site System... Continue Reading →


How to Boot From a USB Drive in VirtualBox

VirtualBox can boot virtual machines from USB flash drives, allowing you to boot a live Linux system or install an operating system from a bootable USB device. This option is well-hidden. Source :

SCCM Unused Packages

Find Unused Packages in SCCM DECLARE @ObjectTypes TABLE (ObjectType INT PRIMARY KEY, TypeDescription VARCHAR(46)); INSERT INTO @ObjectTypes (ObjectType,TypeDescription) VALUES(2,'Package'); INSERT INTO @ObjectTypes (ObjectType,TypeDescription) VALUES(3,'Advertisement'); INSERT INTO @ObjectTypes (ObjectType,TypeDescription) VALUES(7,'Query'); INSERT INTO @ObjectTypes (ObjectType,TypeDescription) VALUES(8,'Report'); INSERT INTO @ObjectTypes (ObjectType,TypeDescription) VALUES(9,'MeteredProductRule'); INSERT INTO @ObjectTypes (ObjectType,TypeDescription) VALUES(11,'ConfigurationItem'); INSERT INTO @ObjectTypes (ObjectType,TypeDescription) VALUES(14,'OperatingSystemInstallPackage'); INSERT INTO @ObjectTypes (ObjectType,TypeDescription) VALUES(17,'StateMigration'); INSERT... Continue Reading →

Report to list Boundary Group with Site System Details

select sys1.Name, sys1.DefaultSiteCode, (select SUBSTRING(sys2.ServerNALPath, CHARINDEX('\\', sys2.ServerNALPath) + 2, CHARINDEX('"]', sys2.ServerNALPath) - CHARINDEX('\\', sys2.ServerNALPath) - 3 ) + CASE sys2.Flags WHEN '1' Then ' (Slow)' WHEN '0' THEN '' END + '; ' as 'data()' from vSMS_BoundaryGroupSiteSystems as sys2 where sys1.GroupID=sys2.GroupID for XML path('')) as 'Site System', (select sys4.Value + '; ' as 'data()' from... Continue Reading →

Setup was unable to compile the file DiscoveryStatus.mof

Client install fails install fails with error: MSI: Setup was unable to compile the file DiscoveryStatus.mof The error code is 80041002 File C:\Windows\ccmsetup\{59A0EA77-D28C-4286-83A6-04BB57B9CDD6}\client.msi installation failed. Error text: ExitCode: 1603 Action: CcmRegisterWmiMofFile. ErrorMessages: Setup was unable to compile the file DiscoveryStatus.mof The error code is 80041002 Troubleshooting Steps: 1. Open CMD in the administrator command prompt... Continue Reading →

SCCM report packages status on Distribution Point

Report for packages which are Pending: select s.sitecode,s.packageid,,s.sourceversion as "dpversion",p.storedpkgversion as latesteversion from v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm s join smspackages p on s.packageid = p.pkgid where s.installstatus !='Package Installation complete' and s.servernalpath like '%DPserverName%' order by s.packageid Report for packages which are Installed : select s.sitecode,s.packageid,,s.sourceversion as "dpversion",p.storedpkgversion as latestversion from v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm s join smspackages p on s.packageid... Continue Reading →

Connect to SCCM using PowerShell

You might know that now you can access to your SCCM site using PowerShell trough the SCCM console. To do so, right click on the “Application Menu” on the upper left and choose “Connect via Windows PowerShell : Simple, isn’t it? But, how would you do when you try to connect remotely from a computer... Continue Reading →

Updating to ADK10 after Sp1 updgrade

If you install the ADK for Windows 10 after you upgrade to ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1, existing boot images won’t be upgraded and as a result you will be missing a few tabs on the properties of the boot image, such as adding Drivers and Customize. This happens because SCCM compares the version of the... Continue Reading →

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