SCCM Configmgr SQL views

SQL Query to get all views Select distinct table_name,COLUMN_NAME From Information_Schema.columns Order by table_name Source:


Queries for Boundary,Boundary Groups and Devices info

Query Devices,IP Address and IP Subnet per Device select distinct A.Name0 as 'PC Name',c.IPAddress0 as 'IP Address',D.IP_Subnets0 as 'IP Subnet' from v_R_System A inner join v_FullCollectionMembership B on A.ResourceID=B.ResourceID Inner join v_GS_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGUR C ON A.ResourceID=C.ResourceID Inner Join v_RA_System_IPSubnets D ON A.ResourceID=D.ResourceID where CollectionID='SMS00001' and C.IPEnabled0='1' group by A.Name0,c.IPAddress0 ,D.IP_Subnets0 order by A.Name0,c.IPAddress0 ,D.IP_Subnets0 Get all... Continue Reading →

SCCM 1606 – An update is stuck with a state of Downloading in the Updates and Servicing node of the Configuration Manager console

During the automatic download of updates by an on-line service connection point, an update can become stuck with a stat of Downloading. When the download of an update is stuck, entries similar to the following appear in the indicated log files: DMPdownloader log: ERROR: Failed to download redist for 037cd17e-4d7b-40e1-802b-14bb682364c7 with command /RedistUrl /LnManifestUrl... Continue Reading →

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