Replacement for BGInfo during OS Deployment – Works in full OS on later Windows.

OSDBackground.exe is a small, and easy to configure, WPF Application that replaces BGInfo as wallpaper generator during OS deployment with SCCM. It requires Powershell and DotNet as Boot image Optional components. OSDBackground.exe can run in password protected debug mode, making the built-in F8 Command line support less necessary. The downloadable package includes the application itself... Continue Reading →


Windows 10 Operating System Deployment Stops after “Configure Windows and ConfigMgr” Step

Problem : The Operating System Deployment Task Sequence stops after "Configure Windows and ConfigMgr" Step in Task Sequence. Don't receive any Error messages. All software installation steps after the "Configure Windows and ConfigMgr" Step is skipped and PC boots up into the OS. Fix : Add the KMS Product Key to the "Apply Windows Settings"... Continue Reading →

Updating to ADK10 after Sp1 updgrade

If you install the ADK for Windows 10 after you upgrade to ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1, existing boot images won’t be upgraded and as a result you will be missing a few tabs on the properties of the boot image, such as adding Drivers and Customize. This happens because SCCM compares the version of the... Continue Reading →

SCCM OSD Stand-alone media not installing packages

Problem : Got an Stand-alone Operating System Deployment with driver packages, model specific setup drivers and a couple of applications. The OS installs correctly aswell as the drivers package etc. The applications and driver applications however fails to install. Solution : Add command line after client install to enable the "Software Distribution Agent". WMIC /namespace:\\root\ccm\policy\machine\requestedconfig... Continue Reading →

Create Stand-Alone Media ISO Fails because of disk space

Problem The drive 'C:' where users' temporary directory is located does not have enough disk space to stage content for the media. "C:Users<User>AppDataLocalTemp_tsmedia_1492Cache" It seems as if CreateMedia.exe just uses %temp%_tsmedia_1492Cache as the scratch dir. You could try to change the variable value of %temp% to whatever directory. Solution Change the TEMP and TMP Registry... Continue Reading →

Operating System Deployment CreateMedia.exe

System Center Updated: November 1, 2013 Applies To: System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1, System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Use CreateMedia.exe binary to create media from the command-line or through a script that was implemented by System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Operating System Deployment. Requirements Install the administrator... Continue Reading →

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