How to find quick compliance percentage of Patch MS17-010 in your environment?

select catinfo.CategoryInstanceName as Vendor0,

ui.ArticleID as ArticleID,

ui.BulletinID as BulletinID,

ui.Title as Title,

NumPresent as Present,

NumMissing as Missing,

NumNotApplicable as NotApplicable,

NumUnknown as Unknown,

NumTotal as Total,

PCompliant=convert(numeric(5,2), (isnull(NumPresent, 0)+isnull(NumNotApplicable, 0))*100.0 / isnull(nullif(NumTotal, 0), 1)),

PNotCompliant=convert(numeric(5,2), (isnull(NumMissing, 0))*100.0 / isnull(nullif(NumTotal, 0), 1)),

PUnknown=convert(numeric(5,2), (isnull(NumTotal – (isnull(NumPresent, 0)+isnull(NumMissing, 0)+isnull(NumNotApplicable, 0)), 0))*100.0 / isnull(nullif(NumTotal, 0), 1)),

CollectionID as CollectionID

from v_UpdateInfo UI

join v_UpdateSummaryPerCollection uspc on ui.CI_ID = uspc.CI_ID and uspc.CollectionID= ‘SMS00001’

join v_CICategoryInfo_All catinfo on ui.CI_ID = catinfo.CI_ID and catinfo.CategoryTypeName = ‘Company’

where UI.BulletinID = ‘MS17-008’ and UI.ArticleID = ‘4012212’ OR UI.ArticleID = ‘4012213’ OR UI.ArticleID = ‘4012214’ OR UI.ArticleID = ‘4012598’

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