SQL Report to list Boundary Group with Site System Details

select sys1.Name, sys1.DefaultSiteCode,
(select SUBSTRING(sys2.ServerNALPath, CHARINDEX(‘\\’, sys2.ServerNALPath) + 2,
CHARINDEX(‘”]’, sys2.ServerNALPath) – CHARINDEX(‘\\’, sys2.ServerNALPath) – 3 ) +
CASE sys2.Flags WHEN ‘1’ Then ‘ (Slow)’ WHEN ‘0’ THEN ” END + ‘; ‘ as ‘data()’
from vSMS_BoundaryGroupSiteSystems as sys2 where sys1.GroupID=sys2.GroupID
for XML path(”)) as ‘Site System’,
(select sys4.Value + ‘; ‘ as ‘data()’ from vSMS_BoundaryGroupMembers as sys3
left join vSMS_Boundary as sys4 on sys3.BoundaryID=sys4.BoundaryID where sys1.GroupID=sys3.GroupID
for XML path(”)) as ‘Boundary’, sys1.ModifiedOn, sys1.ModifiedBy
from vSMS_BoundaryGroup as sys1

Source : http://sithayuvaraj.blogspot.co.za/2013/03/report-to-list-boundary-group-with-site.html


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