Sysprep – Fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine

This error shows that sysprep was run multiple times on the machine, please open a command prompt, type:slmgr /dlv to view how many times of remaining Windows Activation count. Generally speaking, to sysprep the image on a single computer for multiple times, you need to configure the Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP |SkipRearm to 1 in the unattend.xml file.... Continue Reading →


How to Distribute, Refresh, Remove, Prestage and Monitor Content on DP

1. In the Configuration Manager console, click Software Library. 2. In the Software Library workspace, select one of the following steps for the type of content that you want to distribute: · Applications: Expand Application Management, click Applications, and then select the applications that you want to distribute. · Packages: Expand Application Management, click Packages,... Continue Reading →


What is smsdpmon.exe? April 9, 2014 by Peter van der Woude A short post this time with an even short title. As I was working on documenting the content library and its content validation, one of the things I ran into wassmsdpmon.exe. As I was not familiar with this executable, I thought it would be... Continue Reading →

Creating Prestaged Content

Publish-CMPrestageContent Publishes files to a distribution point. Syntax Parameter Set: SearchByIdMandatory_Application Publish-CMPrestageContent -ApplicationId <String[]> -DistributionPointName <String> -FileName <String> [-Description <String> ] [-DisableExportAllDependencies] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [ <CommonParameters>] Parameter Set: SearchByIdMandatory_BootImage Publish-CMPrestageContent -BootImageId <String[]> -DistributionPointName <String> -FileName <String> [-Description <String> ] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [ <CommonParameters>] Parameter Set: SearchByIdMandatory_DeploymentPackage Publish-CMPrestageContent -DeploymentPackageId <String[]> -DistributionPointName <String> -FileName <String> [-Description <String>... Continue Reading →

SQL Re-initialize the Status_Messages replication group

Get info on the Replication Group select * from RCM_DrsInitializationTracking where ReplicationGroup = 'Status_Messages' Set the Initialization Status to 7 so it can re-initialize the Status_messages replication Group between CAS and PM2 update RCM_DrsInitializationTracking set InitializationStatus = 7 where ReplicationGroup = 'Status_messages' and SiteRequesting = 'CAS' and SiteFulfilling = 'PM2' Sources

SCCM 2012 Setup PXE

Deploying SCCM 2012 Part 14 – Enabling PXE, Adding OS Installer, Creating Task Sequence_ .pdf How to Deploy Operating Systems by Using PXE in Configuration Manager.pdf Step by Step configuring and troubleshooting SCCM 2012 R2 OSD deployment - Ricky Gao Blog Ricky Gao Blog.pdf

Deployment stuck in Downloading or Installing

Run the following command in Powershell. “Get-WmiObject -namespace rootccmclientsdk -class ccm_program | select fullname,evaluationstate”. If will list all the software deployed to the machine with the Evaluation State. 17 is installed and the one is stuck will have a state of 14 1. Open “WBEMTEST” 2. Connect to “Rootccm” 3. Click “Query” 4. Enter the... Continue Reading →

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