Sysprep – Fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine

This error shows that sysprep was run multiple times on the machine, please open a command prompt, type:slmgr /dlv to view how many times of remaining Windows Activation count. Generally speaking, to sysprep the image on a single computer for multiple times, you need to configure the Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP |SkipRearm to 1 in the unattend.xml file.... Continue Reading →



What is smsdpmon.exe? April 9, 2014 by Peter van der Woude A short post this time with an even short title. As I was working on documenting the content library and its content validation, one of the things I ran into wassmsdpmon.exe. As I was not familiar with this executable, I thought it would be... Continue Reading →

Creating Prestaged Content

Publish-CMPrestageContent Publishes files to a distribution point. Syntax Parameter Set: SearchByIdMandatory_Application Publish-CMPrestageContent -ApplicationId <String[]> -DistributionPointName <String> -FileName <String> [-Description <String> ] [-DisableExportAllDependencies] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [ <CommonParameters>] Parameter Set: SearchByIdMandatory_BootImage Publish-CMPrestageContent -BootImageId <String[]> -DistributionPointName <String> -FileName <String> [-Description <String> ] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf] [ <CommonParameters>] Parameter Set: SearchByIdMandatory_DeploymentPackage Publish-CMPrestageContent -DeploymentPackageId <String[]> -DistributionPointName <String> -FileName <String> [-Description <String>... Continue Reading →

SQL Re-initialize the Status_Messages replication group

Get info on the Replication Group select * from RCM_DrsInitializationTracking where ReplicationGroup = 'Status_Messages' Set the Initialization Status to 7 so it can re-initialize the Status_messages replication Group between CAS and PM2 update RCM_DrsInitializationTracking set InitializationStatus = 7 where ReplicationGroup = 'Status_messages' and SiteRequesting = 'CAS' and SiteFulfilling = 'PM2' Sources

SCCM 2012 Setup PXE

Deploying SCCM 2012 Part 14 – Enabling PXE, Adding OS Installer, Creating Task Sequence_ .pdf How to Deploy Operating Systems by Using PXE in Configuration Manager.pdf Step by Step configuring and troubleshooting SCCM 2012 R2 OSD deployment - Ricky Gao Blog Ricky Gao Blog.pdf

Deployment stuck in Downloading or Installing

Run the following command in Powershell. “Get-WmiObject -namespace rootccmclientsdk -class ccm_program | select fullname,evaluationstate”. If will list all the software deployed to the machine with the Evaluation State. 17 is installed and the one is stuck will have a state of 14 1. Open “WBEMTEST” 2. Connect to “Rootccm” 3. Click “Query” 4. Enter the... Continue Reading →

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